Contact Information

Condo Office Address:

6631 Wakefield Drive, Alexandria, VA 22307

River Towers consists of three buildings that are located at 6621, 6631, and 6641 Wakefield Drive. The Condo Office is located in the center building.





After Hours Answering Service:


Office Email:

At the first sign of a problem, residents should call the Condo Office so that they may lessen, or prevent an emergency. After hours calls will go through the Answering Service who will notify the on-call engineer.  Emergencies are classified as follows:

  • Fire - Call 911 (fire department) first
  • Criminal Activity - Call 911 if the activity is in progress or 703-691-2131 to report an incident or damages
  • Strong Gas Odor - Call the gas company at 703-750-9500
  • Water Pipe Break (flood)
  • Severe Toilet or Sink Back-up (Flood)
  • Loss of electrical power in entire unit
  • Window broken out
  • No heat in the entire unit
  • No hot water in the entire unit
  • No air conditioning in the entire unit