Covenants Committee

The covenants committee is a body of three- a chairperson and two committee members – that is appointed by the Board of Directors to review violations of River Towers Condominium Rules and Regulations and according to the River Towers Bylaws:

1)  provide for visual harmony of the Common Elements,

2)  avoid activities deleterious to the esthetic or property values of the Condominium,

3) further the comfort of the Unit Owners, their guests and tenants; and 

4) promote the general welfare and safety of the Condominium community.

The committee is also tasked with providing interpretations of the Rules and Regulations from time to time.

Copies of the Rules and Regulations are available for residents to read in the residents only section.

If you have questions about the Covenants Committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Jennifer Nichols.