Facilities Passes

Residents must have a current Facilities Pass to access and use the amenities of River Towers.

Facilities Passes are issued annually only to residents of units in good standing who have paid their association dues, have no pending Covenants violations, and have attended a move-in meeting.

Tenants will be issued a Facilities Pass only if a copy of their current lease is on file with the Association. Off-site owners who lease their properties are not permitted use of the Association facilities or a Facilities Pass.

Facility passes are required to access amenities such as the Club Room, Pool, and Basketball and Tennis Courts. Security officers will ask to see facility passes in areas such as the picnic area. As River Towers is private property, any trespassers will be asked to leave. Facilities Passes should be presented upon request to authorized Association personnel in order to assist them in monitoring the appropriate use of Association facilities and ensuring their exclusive use by River Towers residents and their guests.