Garden Committee

Small garden plots are available to residents on River Towers’ grounds at the rear of the property. The plots may be used to grow fruit, plants, flowers, and vegetables, but trees may not be planted. (See the garden rules for more information.) Garden tools are available in the garden shed. Hoses are provided as well.

To request a garden plot, residents should submit a completed application, which is available at the condo office or on the “residents only” page of the website. A $30 annual fee is payable by check or money order for a garden plot. The Chair of the Garden Committee will review applications and assign plots to residents on an “as available” basis. If you have questions, please contact Dianne Snyder, the Chair of the Garden Committee.

2017 Garden Timeline

March 25 - final day for submitting an application

Wednesday, March 29, 7:30 pm - meeting of all gardeners in the club room

Friday, March 31 - deadline for paying garden plot fee ($30)

Saturday, April 1 - plot selection for new gardeners, starting at 10 am in the garden. If you can't make it, contact the office to arrange an alternative date.

Saturday, April 8, 9-11 am - spring cleaning of common areas

Saturday, September 9, 10 am - committee meeting

Saturday, November 4, 11 am - committee meeting (If it rains, we'll meet on Nov. 11)

Messages from the Garden Committee Chair


The following items in the garden shed appear to belong to no one and are therefore available to all gardeners for use in their plots. If an item does already belong to you, please claim it ASAP by putting your name on it and storing it in your locker.

· a bag of gypsum

· 1 Basic Garden Arch

· 3 boxes of Vigoro landscape edging

· a roll of chicken wire

· a collapsible table (black)

· pair of gardener’s gloves (black)

New Item. A new measuring wheel purchased for mapping the garden is now available to all RT gardeners who want to check the dimensions of their plots. It is stored in the shed.

Dianne Snyder, Garden Chair, 2/1/18

Garden News

Please email your submissions (text and photos) to Dianne.

  • The next note is from Clare Shea, who is moving away to tend to an ailing sister. Clare is a long-time dedicated gardener at River Towers, someone who has always made the extra effort to tend to the communal areas as well as her own. Among other things, we owe her a big debt of gratitude for contributing the two new Adirondack chairs and the flowers in the floor boxes by the shed. The care she has taken in clearing out her garden is a model for us all.
  •  Message from Clare:   I worked on cleaning-up my garden plot for its next "user." The new user can rototil the garden now or in October or in spring.
     I removed most of the tiny stones in the walkway. Veggie gardenershate stones in their gardens. Jennifer Smith took the little rose bushes yesterday & wants the bricks which I put to one side.  I helped transplant lots of the daylilies & all the iris onFriday to Montessori schoolgarden plots in Silver Spring. I pulled the gladiolas thathad bloomed & anybody else can pick the 2 remaining in next week or so.  There are still some liriope that other gardens may transplant. Guess that's it.

    FYI- Unless that crape myrtle tree is severely trimmed or cut down, my plot & many other nearby plots will be completed shaded.... no good for vegetable & no good for flowers. You can see the large, old rose bush in my plot has completely contorted itself seeking sun by branching only to North for a few rays of afternoon sun. Its Southside branches turned to grow straight-up. Whatshame. I kept clipping them to assist, but alas !
    Dianne, enjoy your duties as Garden Czar . Farewell, my fellow gardeners. I've enjoyed our garden chats.


  • Message from Ginger Rosa: "I saw a small bag of gypsum in the shed. It didn't have a name on it, and it was in the common area. Is it free for the taking?"

Places to Purchase Plants

Local Plant Sales

Seed Catalogs

Bulb Catalogs


Free Mulch

  • Fairfax County operates a brush grinding operation which produces double-shredded wood mulch for residents. You can pick it up at multiple locations.
  • If you have a friend who lives in Alexandria, you can ask them to go with you to pick up free mulch at 4215 Eisenhower Avenue.

        * Note that you'll need to bring your own shovel and bucket.