Wildlife at River Towers: Welcome Spring!

One of the advantages of living at River Towers is our close-up view of wildlife. Now that Spring is here, you can see a wide variety of animals throughout the property. Some points of interest include:

  • Beavers and muskrats can both be seen swimming in our canal and in the marsh. Beavers are bigger and have flat, paddle-like tails. Muskrats are smaller and have thin tails. The Washington Post has a guide that is helpful in telling the difference between the two. Both animals may live together in the beaver lodge, which can be seen from our back yard. The beavers in the lodge have at least two babies, known as kits.
Beavers at  Dyke Marsh

Beavers at  Dyke Marsh

  • Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks are both waterfowl that we see here in much larger numbers during the winter.

Remember: Do not harm, feed, chase, or harass our wildlife. If you have guests, please remind them of these rules.