Board Candidates' Statements


Stephen Beach 



Qualifications and Biographical Information

As a candidate for re-election to the River Towers board, having served previously as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, two and a half years as president and a year and a half as a director, I believe I have a keen understanding of the property, its needs, our staff, our residents and of our overall operation. 

Prior to coming to River Towers, I served for over a decade on the board of another community association and on various committees and have garnered a thorough working knowledge of many aspects of community association management. I've worked extensively with management companies, contractors, attorneys and, most importantly, with residents and think I have evolved a seasoned and balanced approach to condominium management that poises me to serve in a way that promotes positive outcomes. 

I have worked in the private sector, public sector and in the private non-profit sector for over thirty years and have garnered extensive background in contracts, budgets, and facilities management, as well as in counseling and facilitation. 

One of the things that has struck a chord with me since becoming involved with this association is the very real need for continuity and consistency in leadership. It is with this in mind that I decided to seek another term as a director, so that some of the critical matters before us as homeowners might be addressed in a way that is productive, promotes cohesion and yet acknowledges the property's history. 

Raised locally, I attended the University of Virginia, where I obtained both graduate and undergraduate degrees in psychology, education and government. 

It will be a challenging year ahead and I so appreciate your support! 


Patrice Ferris


Dear Homeowners of River Towers:  

My husband and I lived as renters in Alexandria City for many years before moving to River Towers. What we discovered was a friendly community with many amenities. enjoy the garden, swimming pool and recreation room along with the walking areas. It took us a short time to make the decision to purchase our home. both enjoy contributing our time and serving the River Towers Community. I joined the Neighborhood Watch Committee and my husband joined the newly established Committee for Pipes/ Plumbing. 

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Computer Networking with 8 years of experience as a Department of Defense Federal Contractor. I have a total of 29 years of professional experience with a diverse background, including working for the Defense Health Agency, which specifically incorporates fields of research and Data/ Cost Analysis, Implementation Planning and 

Information Management. In addition my husband and I are professional Jazz musicians and we have performed locally in the District of Columbia and Virginia for 18 years. 

Other Achievements/ Interests: 

1986: Army Reservist at Fort Meade, Maryland, Certified Medical Specialist. 

1990: Montgomery College; Licensed Practitioner who works as a Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Body Work Therapist. 

I, as a resident in the 6641 building here at River Towers would appreciate being on the Board of Directors. I believe my work experience and versatility will contribute greatly to the Community and the Board as a Team. 

Thank you for your Consideration. 


Patrice Ferris 

Bethany Kucia



My name is Bethany Kucia and I am running for a seat on the River Towers Board of Directors to serve a community that I love. My first year as a member was an appointment to serve out another's term, and most of this time has been spent learning, listening and establishing a good rapport with my fellow board members. I have attempted to balance voicing my opinion, avoiding a personal agenda, and keeping in mind what is best for the community as a whole. However, I don't hesitate to venture into unfamiliar territory or go against the grain when necessary. I'm committed, thoughtful and open-minded. 

As a native of the greater DC area, I have lived at River Towers for over 12 years. In that time I have come to greatly appreciate what we have: proximity to the city, convenient access to shopping and restaurants, well-kept amenities, and serene and peaceful grounds. From 2012 to 2014, I served as chairperson of the Covenants Committee, and my husband and I have been active gardeners for the past four years. Maintaining friendly relationships with our neighbors (and their pets!) is also important to me. In addition to my job as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant at BNY Mellon in DC, I volunteer with Christ Church in Old Town, attend a weekly Spanish class and I'm currently seeking involvement with a refugee assistance program with Lutheran Social Services. 

Our current board is comprised of intelligent and motivated people, but we are generalists. I value committee engagement and the knowledge of outside experts and specialists. My goal is to adopt a long term vision to achieve consistency and uniformity around the property while increasing property value. Achieving this requires effectively communicating with residents especially during any future pipe projects, exploring more environmentally responsible ways of utilizing resources, using our website to its potential, reviewing our bylaws to ensure clarity and striving to ensure that our condo fees enable us to have the best possible quality of life here at River Towers. 


Tom Julian



I value your vote. As vice president of the board, I am proud of what we have accomplished during the past two years, and I am deeply committed to helping my colleagues continue our efforts to improve the quality of life at River Towers.

Our efforts started and have continued to evaluate existing support contracts for cost-effectiveness and to seek new contractors through competitive bidding when deficient performance was found or if more modern or effective support was possible with a new contractor. We revitalized the board's relationship with our committees and provided greater support for their initiatives, particularly with regard to social activities aimed at fostering a greater sense of community. We have also sought to be more responsive to residents and looked for ways to modernize and improve our physical plant. In addition to contributing to these discussions and decisions, I served as the board's contact with County projects on flood control and the Westgrove Park Master Plan to ensure that the interests of River Towers' residents were given proper consideration. 

The several careers that I have pursued together with my education have provided highly relevant perspectives on issues in budget, personnel, and management that have come before the board. I graduated from the U.S. Naval; Academy with a Bachelor of Arts degree and earned Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees at Syracuse University. I had a 26 year career in the Air Force from which I retired as a full colonel and command pilot, and during which my assignments included serving at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), the NATO military headquarters in Belgium; as vice-commander of the largest transport wing in the Air Force; and as an Associate Professor of History at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Following retirement from the Air Force, I served as a GM-15 civilian and adjunct professor at the National Defense University. Currently, I am a Visiting Professor on the graduate faculty of the Air Force Institute of Technology and teach a course on nuclear policy in its Distance Learning program. I have served as a Chief Election Officer for ten years in Fairfax County and currently am a substitute teacher at St. Stephen's Upper School.