Storage Spaces

Storage Cubicles

There are a limited number of storage cubicles of three cubic feet. Residents may lease a space for a fee. Currently, there is a wait list for a storage space.

Bicycle Storage

Outdoor storage racks are available for bicycles. The racks are located on the west side of the 41 building and the northeast corner of the 21 parking lot.

There is a limited amount of indoor storage for bicycles in indoor storage rooms. Residents may lease space for a fee. Leases are limited to one space per unit and run for a year. There is currently a waiting list for indoor bike storage.

Bicycles should not be removed from storage between the hours of 11 pm an 6 am. Note: bicycles may only be transported in the service elevators.

Boat Storage

Residents may lease a space for their canoe or kayak. There are also storage spots for small sailboats and powerboats. Boats and their trailers must be no longer than 35” long and 10.5 inches wide.

Residents may purchase annual leases. The fee amount is based on the size of the boat. Boats should display their River Towers registration or they will be removed.

Recreational Vehicles

Leases are available to residents for recreational vehicles.

* Only residents in good standing may purchase leases for any type of storage.*

For a list of the amount of fees for the different type of leases, go to the condo fee page.